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Originally Posted by The_Blur View Post

I don't like hearing the stock for stock argument. A lot of drivers like to have the underdog car and modify it to match something unexpected. While Ford Mustang drivers aren't unexpected, they will try to compete with the Camaro using the resources they have available. A lot of us on this site appear to favor GMPP for performance parts. That may give some Mustang drivers a chance to catch up at the track, since many of them will be out of warranty and seeking high-performance enhancements, including forced induction. It might not be a level playing field for those of us who don't want to risk blowing our new motors, but it is fair play on the track, and the proper changes to a 2005 Mustang GT will give it the horses necessary to match a Camaro.

Don't be cocky unless you know you can back it up. This new Camaro is incredible out of the factory. Dollar for dollar, it will beat a Mustang GT as they are today, but don't expect the Mustang that sees you at the track to be stock. If you want to win, you've got to take what Rock36 said into consideration.
Actually the stock for stock argument is really the only one you can make. If you start talking mods and stuff then the sky is the limit. This thread is "Camaro vs. Mustang, not Modified Camaro vs. Modified Mustang.. That's all I am saying. Plus its all up for personal Interpretation, and preference. Having test driven Mustangs and Camaros I personally think Camaros handle and perform better.
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