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Regardless of your trade, you will have lost a lot of money in the process. Along the way, you will have been driving a Camaro. Is a Camaro worth a massive loss of savings in between buying the first Camaro and buying another Camaro as soon as 2 years from now?

Another question I like to pose—is an emblem that says "Z28" worth thousands of dollars more than it would cost to build an aftermarket powertrain with similar power? Assuming that a Z28 does exist in the next couple of years, would it be worth buying for you? Is it really worth the wait when you could have the same power now? Of course, GM will design a crushing entry to the high-end pony car market, but does it fit your needs? You could do the same thing with an engine swap when your warranty expires, a superior aftermarket suspension, and a built drivetrain, all for less with stronger parts. How badly do you want a name, the Z28, on your car? How badly do you want to be fast? How much do you want to spend? Which of these is most imporant?
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