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OK, the way I see it, I know how you feel about having the need/want to get one now but you really want the Z-28 but, on your first case you said that your monthly payment would be around $535 and that is with $2000 down and your trade. Then you want to trade it in for the Z-28 in 2012 because this is the car you REALLY want. If I were you, and this is just my thought process, I would start banking the $535 each month in your savings along with the $2000 you already have and by this time in 2012 you would have around $14,800 saved for a down payment plus what ever you get for your trade at that time and you would be getting the car you REALLY want. I understand how you feel but I always have said, "If it is worth having, it's worth waiting for!" OR, if you really really want the car that bad, do like SSOOCH said and by the SS, do all the mods and have more than likely a faster car for about the same money. I too wanted the Z-28 but now that I have the SS I have no plans on getting the higher priced Z-28.
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