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Originally Posted by orange10s.c. View Post
first off i never sold you an "incomplete " bumper on purpose. I told you from day one that ACS has no concrete time frame on when the T2 splitter will be done. Any time lines after that were being relayed from what information i was given from ACS. The bumper was delivered to you EXACTLY how you wanted it painted. I cannot help that the splitter is not ready yet. If i was making it it would be. I cannot take the bumper back just because the splitter is not ready. I have not EVER sold anyone a part that i knew i wouldn't have OR try to steal money from someone on parts i cannot get. I would not still be in business for 22 yrs doing that. Like i have told you before if you want the money back for the splitter i have no prob. giving it to you.

This is not true. At NO time did you offer the info that the splitter was not available until after I had received the bumper. I then asked where the splitter was and if i was receiving it separately. You told me there was no concrete time after I was STUCK with this incomplete set. The proof is in you own post and trust me I still have every single PM that we exchanged.

PM About the Splitter:

Originally Posted by orange10s.c.
Originally Posted by sykb47l
Will the splitter be arriving separately? Its not in the box or attached to the bumper.

Please let me know as im supposed to go to the body shop wednesday.



Yes you will be getting it seperate. They are running behind on having them ready and i thought they were going to be ready by now. All my customers are going to be getting some of the first one's when they are available. Thanks Gary
Yet this info was offered upfront? Negative.
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