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Originally Posted by micj82 View Post
wow great post thepill i fill the same way, as u can see lol but, i'm sure someone on this forum will have a bone to pick with u 2. you don't have blinders on like a lot of people on here you have some very good points in your post that make sense.
The majority (99.9%) of the moderators and members here are knowledgeable, respectful and really cool. I truly understand your frustration, I even went into a semi-depression shortly after this announcement but instead of ranting (which I almost did or was on the verge of doing), I took a nice drive, had some beers (not during the drive) and thought about the possible outcomes from reasonable decisions that I "GM" would make in this situation.

Like I said, I am a Ford fanatic, I needed to come to this site equipped with more than opinion before stepping into the lions den. The Mustang community has grown too vast, any anti-GM statement made on one of those site are quickly agreed to without any retort.. Here I can exercise my educated analysis, which is open to criticism and correction from all members... and that feedback provided usually broadens my perspective, or.. ultimately taken into consideration...

What fun is it to make a educated statement without having an educated response? That being said, keep your head high... I highly doubt my post will be deleted by the Moderators, their first love and responsibility is this website, even if they tell you its the Camaro...

PS: If you do own a Camaro and we met in real life... I have no choice but to battle you to the death.. It is in my DNA..

As Jean Girard said: "Because although today I am friendly. Tomorrow will be war!"
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