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The Camaro we have all drooled over in the prototype test spy photos is still the SAME car that's coming out in January 2012.

It will still be a competitor to the GT500, nothings changed.

It will still be the baddest, highest hp in it's history Camaro from the factory when it debuts, nothings changed.

It will still be the "King Kong" of pony cars with a factory warranty that all of us in the community has been waiting for, nothings changed.

The ONLY thing that has changed so far is that we are not sure of the name Chevy will use, that's it.

I will still buy it whatever the name is because I am looking for the best performing Camaro regardless of the name it carries. I think Camaro SS Supercharged or Camaro Supercharged is just as fine as anything else.

It does not matter what GM calls it, but it does matter what the competition calls it while it's eating their lunch @ the track and on the street.
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