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Just like they did with the Mustang Concept, they mess up something awesome. I'm a Mustang owner (91 LX 5.0) but this Camaro concept really impressed me at the auto show.

Here's what I noticed has been changed from the concept:

1) You will notice that the back bumper end has some new ridge/inset running horizontal right above the rear exhaust. The concept was smooth and clean. This change makes the back look too busy with the license plate and dual exhuast black thingy.

2) They added the backup lights in the stupidest place. Come on!!! You mean to tell me sticking the backup lights smack dab in the middle of that beautiful back end is better than putting them in the center of the rear lights!

They also increased the size of the side lamps, which we figured would happen, but they did that nicely.

Anyway, I guess I'm a bit disappointed in the changes I've mentioned, especially the backup lights. We should all protest that! We'll wait to see what else, and yes, I'm curious as to the gas cap.

This Mustang owner still may become a Camaro owner...we'll wait and see.
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