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Originally Posted by SSOOCH View Post
Happy Birthday Bro! But come on, to get all bent out of shape because you couldn't drive it. Have a cold one and chill.'ll have your own.

People are getting more and more desperate on these boards. The more others freak out about little things it's making me chill out. I realize how silly some of us are getting about this car. I can't wait til I read a thread about how somebody punched a sales guy or general manager at a dealership....It's just a car guys (a Bad Ass car at that) but it's just a car.
I understand your point somewhat, but for me, being lied to is a big deal. All he had to do was tell me the truth from the word get go and keep me informed with the information I ask for. I am buying a car from them so I thought that service is what they are suppose to provide. Also driving this car before the day it shows up for me to purchase is kind of a big deal too. I agree with you about chilling out though, and that is my plan tonight when I get home from work. I will have a few cold ones and it will be better.
Buying a new car is a big deal though, and being treated right should be a given and is not too much or desperate to ask for IMO, even if it is just a car!
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