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Originally Posted by Dropspeed View Post
I drove an Edelbrock supercharged 2010 SS with complete Eibachs kit (spring swaybars, ect) on Bullrun in 2010 (NY to Las Vegas) and then last fall I drove a 2012 SS auto while staying in Scottsdale.

I test drove a 1LE for only about 3-4 miles and in that short time I can tell you it felt like a completely different car than either of the above two I mentioned. The performance numbers don't lie. It is a different beast than a standard SS if you are looking for something other than a straight line car.

Originally Posted by HighMtnSS View Post
The M6 1LE with NPP exhaust is definitely a bad ass car.

The exhaust has a mean rumble and the 3.91 rear end pulls noticeably harder than a standard SS.

And, the handling, shifting, steering feel, balance, and looks of the car are stout and unique.

GM should have produced every SS with 1LE specs from the start IMHO.

For me, my 1LE is a "poor man's" ZL1. Let the mods begin.

If you pull the trigger on the 1LE, you will definitely be joining the Permagrin club!
Man now your responses are making me really want to find a 1LE and take it for a test drive
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