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Originally Posted by faSSteddie View Post
Well Holiday Inn says they are sold out. 12 people in this thread say they got booked and they sold out in around 2 hours? It don't add up to me. I guess I'll check the other hotels. Oh did I mention their non group rate they quoted me is $571.9 A NIGHT??!!!!! Sheeesh...
Early on the central reservation desk said sold out when they were not. The direct phone# in this post still had rooms until 3:45 EST
Originally Posted by smace View Post
I stayed at the comfort in for $65 a night. I will be checking that out again. I will say its a 15 min drive to the party but much cheaper option
^^^This... there are plenty of hotels in BG.

We have 3 host hotels this time around as we were confident they would sell out quickly. So in order to bring all cars back to one parking lot in the evening we have the far end of the convention center reserved at the loading docks and will have dinner and DJ with both inside and outside party.

So it really doesn't matter what hotel you are at you'll probably move your car over to where the Green X is on the map anyway.
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