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Originally Posted by Fenderaddict2 View Post
Totally understand where you are coming from. But my feeling is the opposite. When I finally got to drive the ZL1, I could respect it but it didn't make me passionate like my Boss did. This is the Camaro I'd want. It pains me to say this but it's even more raw and a better execution of my ideal than the Boss. But then again, without the Boss would it have happened? In either case this car is one I can't wait to become intimately acquainted with. I'll say it again, way to go GM.
Agree. If I didn't already have my Boss I would seriously consider this... the new Z/28 is a track winner and we haven't even seen the real world #'s yet!
Originally Posted by Fenderaddict2 View Post
Been catching up on this thread. Lots of complaints about a lot of little things. Let's be perfectly clear, if you only have one car, this is not the car to have. This car is a weekend warrior, a summer night cruiser and a track car. This car is for the person who already has a daily driver and doesn't give a rats arse about the taillights or lack of a sound system. When they've done the rush hour commute and want to return to the pure pleasure of driving they pull this baby out of the garage and smile a self satisfied smile as they fire it up. If you want to think you have the baddest Camaro out there but can only afford one, get the ZL1, want a daily driver you can track, there's the 1LE. Concerned about looks, buy a big standard V8 model and customize to your hearts content. Just want to own a great looking car, consider the V6. Really GM has everyone finally covered and there's still bitching?!?!
to that.
Originally Posted by shaffe View Post
I think alot are bitching bc they finally got the car they been dreaming off and its going to be to expensive for the majority of them.

Originally Posted by gmen09 View Post
You really don't understand the purpose of this car, it is a pure performance car, not just another gadget-filled driving appliance.
Some don't think outside the box... they need to on this one.
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