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Originally Posted by SimpleGreen View Post

Lets go outside. Take off my RX oil cap/breather.

Install RX '1LE Style Separator'.

Uh oh, It's VERY tight. Have to press down on engine cover to get the separator on. This could put undue stress between the cap and the PCV breather on top of it. Hmmm.....

Solution. Remove this little rubber grommet from the cover. It serves no purpose other than keeping the engine cover a little more still and helping catch any oil spilled so you can mop it up before it gets all over the valve cover.

Now it comes on and off very easy. That extra 1/16th to an 1/8 inch was all that was needed. Engine cover stays still, too.

All that being said, I'm sure throwing the old clean side line in the trash and putting a new hose in place with a little filter and hiding the whole thing under the engine cover with a stock oil cap just might do the same thing for less. But, this does, In my opinion, look pretty neat. Granted, all it really is is a PCV breather epoxied to the top of an oil cap and painted the color of your choice. If it's worth $80 to you, so be it. Now that I know how they are made, I wouldn't encourage a handy man to buy one when you could make it yourself and probably not spend 5 weeks doing it.
Can you post some more pictures when all of your hoses are routed? I'm curious to see how it ends up looking when done.
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