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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
Personally (especially if your car is lowered) the eccentrics bolts really made a difference in order to get the alignment into the Aggressive Street specs. Couldn't get there without them but my car is lowered about 1.5". My alignment guy wasn't a believer and kind of gave me the "your wasting your time/money" until he put them on the car and saw how much better an alignment he got with them. He was a definitely believer afterwards and commented on them when he didn't have to.

Toe rods on the other far I haven't seen any great advantage they've done for me just yet. I'm sure they'll help but I just have seen or felt some day/night difference. I did them because I was doing my FE4 conversion and I knew I was about to get an alignment. I had the extra $125 or there abouts for toe rods so I just threw them in the mix.

It's hard to swallow the cost of these but for real a alignment these are the ticket.
It's definitely hard to swallow the price for the bolts but having read a bunch of people saying they're great, I'll take your word for it. I was also going to just do the tie rods because I'm doing the conversion and they're there but I might sell them to get the bolts.

Now, considering this is a bushing thread, was the street z or street 1 kit worth it? Night and day difference in the rear cradle bushings?

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