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Originally Posted by TinyToasta View Post
After dismissing my plans on going with a n/a setup, I eventually figured out what to do (almost): FI!

The set-up is gonna look like below, target is 550-600rwhp on a 2010 LS3

- TVS2300 (SLP575 Stage1 Package)
- 3.6 Pulley
- MSD Fuel Booster (#2351)
- Kooks 1 7/8 LTs w/ cats
- Volant CAI (already installed)
- SLP LMII Axle-Back (already installed)
- Noweeds (already installed)
- Custome Tune on the above
- LPE ZR1 Twin Disc Clutch (if the stocker calls it a day...)

At a later stage I'm leaning into getting a blower cam and maybe ported heads, but that's the future...

The thing I'm completely uncertain about is the Fuel System in general, or more precisely the Injectors.

Would new injectors be required for such a set-up, as I don't want to end up screwing the engine running to lean?
Together with the MSD, what injectors should I be looking for?

Trying to stay on the "reasonable" side of budgeting, so 800$ max should be the ballpark for the MSD and some adequate injectors...

Anything else I might have forgotten on the above set-up?
Any help out there?

Thanks guys!

On the LS3 you'll be damn close to 550 rwhp. The Airraid may hold back a few. I've seen that exact same setup, put the ADM in place of the Airraid, make 560 rwhp time and time again by Jannetty Racing. Check some of his post about them from last Sept/Oct 09. That set-up will get 500 rwhp on an auto and prob 550 rwhp on the M6. Gd luck!!
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