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Duuuuuude! I've thought about this for sometime myself just for the hell of it but the problem is you are probably gonna use it the first time and never again if it's a DD. If you aint constantly at the track it's probably gonna be a waste of money.

If you ever plan to sell your car or trade it you will need to remove the nitrous system as it spooks the crap out of alot of people. Nitrous is just not practical and can be down right dangerous for street use. The only time I'd think about even going that route ie. someone pisses you off on the highway and/or street and you wanna blow by them it would have to be a "cheater" system with a tiny bottle that's gonna give that quick kick of a 30-shot and run out quickly as well.

Keep in mind, your V6 is badass on the streets by itself and even better with bolt-ons without using nitrous, turbo, superchargers, etc. It's good to go in and out of most idiots holding up traffic, gets off the line good enough to smoke most fools and most importantly still look cool! I say if you're not gonna be to and from the track enough, keep your money and just enjoy the ride my man!!! She is beautiful as is!
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