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Surprise!!!!… We Have ADOPTED… I really meant to keep this a secret until our Kemah Boardwalk Camaro show next weekend and just roll up there, but I am absolutely about to bust open… so here’s number Twenty Three… and YES, that’s VIN #23!!! The second Summit White built.

The doctor called last Thursday (DSOP day 19th) and notified us that our bun in the oven would not be born until 2013MY. At first this was fine because waiting is just part of the process and the possibility of BRM and Nav, if not on constraint, would be cool too.

A couple days after I found out my allocation got passed over… I started doing the math and realized no Camaro for C5Fest (Not Cool). So I went on line to check plane flights and possible Camaro rentals, but switched gears to stop in at AutoTrader and see if any White cars were available within 300 miles. As some know I’m totally on the fence as far as Auto v Manual. (In fact, I’ve change my order twice and it was sitting on auto last I checked) So I eliminated that factor, made a list of Summit White ZL1’s, and started calling. Over MSRP was not an option, so the phone calls were quick as most were sold or way over.

Then I called James Woods Chevrolet in Decatur TX 250 mile away and they said “we don’t charge over MSRP”(my kind of dealer). After a quick rundown of options it was done deal. Called Sue to see how she felt about manual and all she could talk about was CFI which was on constraint when Twenty Three was built. She never mentioned manual and just asked “why are you calling me. You’ve never done that before”. So manual it is, with black stripe and suede package and black wheels. Hope to swap to exposed CFI later…

This was all on Saturday the 21st. I booked a flight to Dallas on Tuesday afternoon and they picked me up at the airport. Spent about 45 minutes at the dealership then drove back across Texas and got pounded by bugs and butterflies due to blooming Blue Bonnet fields everywhere. The car was trashed by the time I got home, but I did keep it under 80 the whole way.

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Also, Twenty-Three would not let me pass the Texas Motorplex without stopping for a photo op…

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