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Originally Posted by usnatclee View Post
Those two were at A&W last weekend. Im not a fan of those two cars or cars styled similar (lambos, mclaren, masserati, etc). Don't get me wrong I can respect the engineering that goes into them but I just don't like them aesthetically.
I hear you, and i totally agree. That man owns like 5 quadruple digit hp cars and somehow hes able to fit in every single one of them (if you know what i mean). He also made the dealer open up on a sunday to buy a brand new 2013 camaro and drop it off at unlimited performance 'to see what they can do with it'. I think his lambo did 240+ at the mile, and was a well known lambo before he bought it.

I personally like viper dans cars more lol. Idk if u ever met the guy but he's REAL chill, and his wife was featured in the 1320 tx2k blu ray/dvd in the mercedes amg.
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