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Originally Posted by 35th02ss View Post
OK so why would they bring another car out just like the others? Say you took a 1LE slapped a LS7 and the brakes on it would still be more than a ZL1.

Again the motor is 15K alone..

And if you did that then people would say this is just stupid. Why would I pay for a for a 1LE with a LS7 in it when I can get a s/c for alot less and be just has fast..

Either way you go people will not be happy.
Ok but that's not my point. My point is that you and Twisty and others are basically saying: "you asked for a Z/28. We gave it to you. It's really fast and it costs a lot of money. Can't afford it? Too bad, get lost."

My position: Chevy guys, they're salt of the earth normal people. And I get it when you say the Z/28 is pure and true to the heritage and all that. I think most people here understand that. But it seems like you can't grasp why GM putting out a car that you basically need to make $500,000 a year to afford would feel like a let down to a lot of people.
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