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Originally Posted by Driveshaftshop View Post
looking good guys....
Than ks Frank, I will be shipping it back to you as soon as I get it back from the powder coating.

Originally Posted by Nathan Moreno View Post
LOL, I like to speak softly and carry a big Hammer, LOL.

Kyle, I'm not sure if you heard but I hear there is a KILLER 5 Gen Camaro being built in your neck of the woods. It's currently being kept hooch hooch but will be competing in the One Lap in the next few weeks.

Oh come on! you can't say that and not give me anything else to go off of! HMM I wonder if the place down the road from my house is finally doing some more development with a 5th gen.

Looking good as always Nathan!

Bingo! Supposedly it's all gutted out, be interesting to see how we do in comparison. I will need Aaron to drive the car because those guys can drive, LOL

Quick Update:

Giving the hubs a little love!

here what I started with

Name:  7.jpg
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And after much scotch brite and some paint.

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