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Originally Posted by Nezacant View Post
...this is the strangest complaint I've heard about the camaro. I've sat in one and didn't feel as if the rear view mirror is so large that would cause me to hit another car. Anyone else feel as if there is a huge blind spot because of the rear view mirror?
While i WILL admit that I am strange... there are some others that agree about the mirror problem. see the links that i just posted. (started by me but agreed by others)
I started this thead seperately as a plea for REAL help and not a gripe.

believe me, when you just set in this car for the first few times you dont notice it because EVERYTHING else is so AWESOME... but drive it thru a few 4 way stops and you will see what i mean.

keep in mind that i am 6'2" (but there are others 6'2" that dont have a problem)

i mean, the thing physically LOOKS HUGE (IMHO) but I wouldnt care so much if I could see thru it.
Why oh Why?
Windshield=10" vertical
mirror= 3 7/8" (that's almost 4") vertical
that means that the mirror is 38.75% the size of the vertical windshield...
it sure seems like the ratio could be better... just sayin....

our collective MIRROR patch:
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