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Originally Posted by rolnslo View Post
Go search on Google and see what the owners of the Saturn Sky did about this. It is a common complaint from people that aren't used to driving in cars with short windshields.

I've owned a few '55 and '56 Chevys over the years and the windshield is about the same overall vertical height as the Camaro's windshield. You'll just have to get used to actually moving your head to see around the rearview mirror. This isn't a truck so you'll have to make an active effort to see things rather than just assuming that you can sit passively in one position and be able to see everything around you.

By the way, it's even harder to see around when you have fuzzy dice hanging there too.

thanks for the idea!

yeah, i'm REALLY just pissed that i cant have the mirror ball and BEE-OTCH air freshener!

BTW, i've got a '52 chevy WITH a visor... but the mirror doesnt eclipse 1/2 of the windshield!

if it didnt have all the onstar gizmo stuff it would already be changed for something realistic.

i mean honestly, the size of this mirror is a joke... but this is not my rant thread...
Why oh Why?
Windshield=10" vertical
mirror= 3 7/8" (that's almost 4") vertical
that means that the mirror is 38.75% the size of the vertical windshield...
it sure seems like the ratio could be better... just sayin....

our collective MIRROR patch:
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