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Originally Posted by bluebeastsrt View Post
After your done counting try dropping by the mustang forum and see what the actual owners say their top speed is for 4th gear. I'm pretty sure once you do the math you'll find a 3.73 car is closer to 115@ redline in 4th gear. And the 3.31 standard gear in a Mustang is good to about 125MPH.
I'm not sure about the first run in that video, but in the second one, he most certainly hit 5th at the end of the run. It's a loud car and I know what a 5.0 sounds like, count the shifts, he hits 5th right before he goes through the traps(a couple seconds or so after the kid says "he chirped 4th"). You can't really tell with the first run because someone starts doing a burnout close to the camera right as the cars were going through the traps.

Dude your making this sh!t up as you go. Count the shifts in the video below. It'll hit 100 in third easily.

Watch that video again, that's an auto, listen to how smooth and early the shifts are. Not only do autos have completely different gear ratios in the box, they also have the crap ass 3.15s out back, not 3.73s. I have an auto 5.0 and I've been doing data logs lately locked in 3rd gear, it's absurdly tall. Red line is well over 110 mph in 3rd.
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