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Originally Posted by bluebeastsrt View Post
Dude your making this sh!t up as you go. Count the shifts in the video below. It'll hit 100 in third easily.

After your done counting try dropping by the mustang forum and see what the actual owners say their top speed is for 4th gear. I'm pretty sure once you do the math you'll find a 3.73 car is closer to 115@ redline in 4th gear. And the 3.31 standard gear in a Mustang is good to about 125MPH.
110 is right on the soft limiter in 4th with the 3.73's with the stock tune
im right on the limiter at 115 with the 3.31's in my car on the stock tune and stock tires. With the 18" Dr's and stock tune im shifting into 5th around 109-110
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