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I want our guys home. They are our fathers, brothers, sons, mothers, sisters, neighbors, etc. But, I don't think we can leave the country in shambles to try to fend for themselves.

Let me explain something. If you agree, cool. If not, that's fine as well. This is going to be a never ending war. We, as the United States, are going to have to deal w/ these nations and terrorists for many, many years to come. It will be, IMO, a never ending war. We are already in it. They will continue to attack us in every way possible. It is a way of life and belief for them.

I feel if we pull out now, it's going to go right back to the way it was. I think if we were going over there, we should have done it the right way in the first place. We should get police and army set up as quickly as possible and then let them control their own.

If they blow themselves up, so be it.
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