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Well I was just wondering what people think. I think that I am tired of coming over here time and time again. Now I have to stay here longer? Hell the new Camaro will damn near be released by the time I come home at this rate. This is my third damn deployment. It is getting to be quite a strain on my marriage. Thank god for a supportive wife. I don't have a problem going to war, but this isn't going anywhere. I haven't seen much progress at all. I have spent half of every year here since 2003. If anything it has got worse since we invaded. Our hands are tied, and when we get attacked, we damn near need an act of congress to shoot back. We are being too reactive and not proactive if you ask me, and now I have to spend an additional three months over here driving my gun truck waiting to get blown up. The way I see it, is that it is just like Vietnam in the sense that they are trying to fight the war from Washington, and we will lose again if it keeps up. It doesn't matter how many troops you send or keep over here. It isn't going to accomplish anything when you're fighting an enemy completely blinded by religion. Our way is simply not working. Washington's clock is way faster than Baghdad's clock. Personally I do not see us leaving at least until a new president gets elected.
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