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Originally Posted by gunslinger View Post
Forged pistons people!

The cast aluminum pistons are the only weak link in the LS3 when adding forced induction...
2nded, especially when working with Aero engines where EVERYTHING AND THEIR MOTHER IS FORGED(then machined too, slick..)! Seriously, and on top of that we only run them at low RPMs to save the motors (hence low HP numbers). If we did run them past 4K we'd probably get over 400hp (easy) out of a 6cyl normally aspirated 541ci Lycoming.

But then we'd also blow the motors.

Moral of the story: Forged internals always win in high heat and power apps. They may weigh a tad bit more, but the gains are well worth it. Why do you think we use them when weight is always an issue for aircraft?
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