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As I snapped the last picture Geoff ran through the door, covered in fine white powder. Apparently the snow had gotten really bad in the last eight hours (dang storm) and Geoff forgot his Honda CRX is NOT a snow truck. He was buried in a drift.

After helping him free himself and coming face to face with nature (which included: a) -20 degree temperatures b) 40-60 mph wind gusts c) feet and feet of snow) Ryan and I looked at each other.

“I’m not driving in this stuff,” I said willing to help. Sand, Beach, Sun, Flip Flops….

“Thanks‘,” Ryan said, knowing he, with more recent snow experience then I, was going to drive anyways.

“Want to pull an all nighter and get started on the Kurtis?” I suggested, hoping he would say no…

“What color is it,” Ryan asked, calling my bluff…

“Black,” I mumbled, watching his eyes light up.

“Sure lets do it brother,” he said. I cursed inside: Sand, Beach, Sun, Flip Flops…

The volume went up and a hot cup of coffee began to boil. Let’s do it. Synchronizing watches: 10:30 PM. Rock and Roll, Batman….

The 1955 Kurtis KK Sutton Roadster

This amazing one of one automobile was built by Kurtis, on what is essentially an Indy Car chassis. The body was built by Sutton in California and wasn’t finished until 1958. A cutting edge (for the time) 283/283 horsepower small block Chevy was fitted to a four speed. That engine still resides in the engine bay today.

The paint had numerous issues, including DA sanding marks, scratches, and deep scratches.

Ryan took the before pictures, doing a great job of detailing the condition of the paint close up.

After a wash and clay we where ready to get started. Almost midnight and two cups of coffee in…

Ryan found the passenger side door to be a mess, and spent a lot of time working numerous deep scratches with a Porter Cable and Meguiar’s M105/ Menzerna PO203. I choose a more aggressive first go, making numerous passes over the rest of the car using Meguiar’s M105/ Lake Country Purple Foamed Wool pad/ Rotary.

The music kept creeping louder and the coffee began to flow more freely as the clock’s hand continued its endless orbit. 2am….3am… still cutting…. 4am….5am… Time to polish… A white pad and Menzerna PO83q SIP made quick work of the wool marks and blazed a deep glow into the paint. Ryan was still struggling the horrid condition of the passenger door and front fender, now working the paint to a gloss with Menzerna 203s Power Finish and a 3M Waffle pad on the Porter Cable.

A quick break, more coffee, keep going. Menzerna PO85rd, a Hi-Gloss 6.5 Inch Black Finessing pad, and a rotary jeweled the paint to perfection. Ryan celebrated conquering the door and we admired out work. 6am..
Ryan began his assault on the hood, I gave the Sutton a bath and applied two coats of Blackfire Wet Diamond All-Paint Protection. The interior got a quick wipe down with 303 Aerospace Protectant. The vintage Fuelie Small-Block was wiped down and the painted panels treated with Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish and topped with Wet Diamond All-Paint Protection. Finally the tires where scrubbed clean from a nasty silicone dressing and dressed with Blackfire Tire Gel.

As I finished up, Ryan informed that the hood was finally polished.

“What took so long,” I asked, 40 coffee’s deep.

“You don’t want to know,” Ryan replied, 44 coffee’s deep. I accepted that as truth.

Taped up and undergoing surgery

Some after pictures…

You can literally see the ‘brown’ of the disgusting tire dressing on the car. It would take a citrus based cleaner and a steel brush to get the tires clean of the brown gunk.

Finally the bumpers where polished with Blackfire Fine Cut Aluminum Polish and All Metal Show Polish…

The hood…

…and the 283 CID solid lifter 283 horsepower engine it protects.

The tires are no longer brown….

A couple of after pictures but I also took a couple more on the last day (bottom of this thread).

The remnants of an all nighter. The pads where washed in Meguiar’s Super Degreaser, this night was Ryan’s turn, although technically it was the morning.

A final wipe and a glance at the clock: 9:30 AM, the next day. Cracking open the door revealed the morning sun and thick unplowed snow. The wind had let up and the reports on the radio where that the roads where now drivable… As the crew arrived, Ryan and I said goodnight and headed to the hotel for a quick nap. Still work to do…

Day Four: Buddy, the Rocky Mountain Legend.

Day four ended at 9:30 AM and started again at 3:00 PM. A bite of McDonalds and a powernap helped us recover from the all night, and it was back to Hanger 53...

Waking from our slumber we first encountered Buddy, who was to be our neighbor in the hotel for the next 3 nights…. Buddy…. Buddy, the Rocky Mountain Legend. As I loaded up our truck, I noticed a man, one room down, smoking a cigarette in his underwear. It was -20, yet he stood barefoot in the snow, calmly enjoying each smooth drag from his Marlboro…. Buddy…

The mood at the shop was somber by 3:30 PM, when we arrived. Ryan and I where beat from the night before, and most of the crew was getting fatigued. Mr.X thought this the perfect opportunity to hoist the Super Mustang on a forklift and mount it to a wall.

While the Super Mustang was being mounted like a stuffed fish, Ryan and I jumped into our next project.

The AMC AMX Prototype II

Three series of AMX Prototype’s exist. This one, dubbed the series two, was a rolling model that forecasted AMC’s view of future AMX’s. This concept car does not feature an interior or motor, and is really a rolling work of art on a spindled wheels.

Since I did not get a full framed photograph of the car, here is a ‘rip’ from what appears to be a period-correct magazine or add.

Ryan and I settled on what we called (and sleep deprived: though was funny) Megenza’s M308 applied via a Porter Cable with 5.5 Inch Hi-Gloss Flat Power Orange polishing pads. Megzerna’s M308 was a combination of Menzerna PO203s Power Finish and Meguiar’s M105 Ultra Cut Compound, about 50/50. The long working time of PO203s allowed us (my working the product with steady pressure) to jewel the finish as we polished, making it a true one step…. In our mummified over-tired minds we thought we where on to something.

Me: “Hey I got an idea, let’s pretend to throw each other off the balcony. Since we haven’t slept and we are really tired… we might fall. Besides the people that see this picture will think we are dare devils. hahahha”

Ryan: “Okay.”

The picture over the newly hung Super Mustang.

Okay back to work boys……

Megnzerna at work.





Nope, no after because that would make too much sense. Besides did I mention I was tired at this point? (If not, now is a good time to do so….)

The AMC AMX II prototype was very easy to polish to be honest, and 1 to 2 passes with the PC later it was done and ready for wax.

So armed with our new found invention: Megzerna’s M308 Ultra Power Finishing Compound we eyed out next victim…. I mean car:

1963 Sunbeam Tiger Prototype

The Sunbeam Tiger was the first British automobile with a big (relative) Ford V8 in the front. Some guy from Texas copied the idea a couple of years later. This Sunbeam Tiger is the very first one built and is the only one to have an automatic transmission. As you may have guessed by the name in the heading, it was the prototype.

The paint appeared good, great even: A solid 6 with moderate swirl marks and good gloss; A walk in the park, particular with Megnzerna at hand. Did the new polish live up to the hype. Did the combination of SMAT oxide and traditional aluminum cluster oxide abrasives meld perfectly, creating a reverse in global warming, and polishing bliss?


It did not. This paint was rock hard and the RIDS where deep. It was almost laughable, the paint clinging to every scratch, smiley slyly: “Give me your best shot.”

Okay how about Power Gloss, a 4 Ply Wool Pad, 2000 RPM, and a guy drunk on sleep deprivation behind the wheel? The smile eroded from the paint’s face (or was ground off by abrasives moving across the surface at approximately 733 inches per second.)

Ryan took the side of caution and began with M105, a 5.5 inch Hi-Gloss Orange Power Polishing pad, and a Porter Cable. After I finished grinding on the hood, Ryan cleaned up my mess. The rest of the paint wasn’t quite as hard and M105/PC/Orange pad worked very well at removing the defects, although it took several passes. After finishing the hood we threw in the towel and gave the Sunbeam and evil look. We will see you tomorrow tough guy…

Day Five: The legend of Buddy grows…

When we returned to the hotel that night we where approached by two women looking for Buddy. We pointed them next door. Two hours later, after returning the to the hotel from dinner, we saw two new girls enter as the two different ones exited. Buddy peaked out his door, still in the same underwear and tank top, and puffed on his Marlboro. When he nodded at me I felt cool.

After two exhausting days sleep came easy, and we where both out. The world faded in darkness as it spun the sun away. The morning arrived quickly and silently. While the temperature had remained frigid the hollowing winds had settled and snow fall stopped. It was a peaceful morning, so much so that if one retarded bird had forgotten to migrate it might chirp. The air was so still you would hear it….

BANG! The noise of a door slamming penetrated the air like an arrow. The still morning was banished. I ran to the door to investigate the noise to realize it was coming from the wall. The banging became louder and more consistent, settling into a rhythm. Buddy….

When we left for Hanger 53 thirty minutes later, the fourth set of girls was leaving his hotel. Like a man inhaling the world, Buddy sucked the smoke the Marlboro into his lungs. He watched as the girls got in their car, started the motor, and drove off.

He exhaled…

The Sunbeam demanded our attention the rest of the day and we where happy to oblige. After a lot of polishing, M205 and a Hi-Gloss Black Pad finished it up nicely. Mike applied a coat of Wet Diamond with a Porter Cable and Ryan made funny faces. Life was good.

Get out of my picture Ryan!

After a lot of work the hood came out flawless. The rest of the paint was about 95% defect free.

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