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So let's clear up a few things:

CAGS (Computer Aided Gear Shift - what it used to be known as) has been present for almost 2 decades now. I had it on my f-bodies, I had it on my viper. It's not a new concept.

It *ONLY* is in effect at low speeds and part throttle conditions. It does NOT prevent you from shifting into gear under load, and thus there is *NO* stressful impact. It does however, drop the rev's between shifts (obviously). Now, if you're doing slow starts and crusing, this isn't a problem.

You may ask who invented it? Engineers who wanted to reach a specified MPG number using as many tricks as they can. It also reduces the stress on the 2nd gear syncro -- one of the most stressed out and abused pieces in a manual gearbox.

If anyone is seriously stressed about having this feature on their manual (to which V6 guys do not need worry), then there are ways to bypass it. Short of that... quit whining about it

Hope that helps.
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