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Originally Posted by DaveA View Post
It is funny to have people recommend me things I don't want when I specifically stated two things I must have are vert and 8 cyl. I appreciate all the feedback, though. I get that everyone has their desires. Mine was a mucle car - v8, standard, vert. Those were non negotiable.

I pulled the trigger! And I want to thank everyone who told me not to settle and be willing to travel. I almost pulled the trigger this past weekend at the local dealer for a 1SS without the RS package. They wouldn't work much with me on price. If they had, I may have bit. I was anxious to pick it up this week and have it for next week on my vaca. I emailed the sales guy today and told him I went elsewhere due to being unhappy with the price they offered.

After deciding I might be willing to travel for the right car, I found one a few states over. About 7-8 hours drive. I just finished all the paperwork and will fly down next week to drive it back. Killer price. Killer. Highly rated dealer, too. I'm very happy and excited.

Black - V8 vert - 2SS
Leather interior with the inferno orange (I love it)
RS package!
Dual exhaust!
Had a few other features, too, like GPS nav, but for the price I got it for I'm not complaining. Performance shifter too.

I'll post some pics soon.

I'm on vacation for two weeks and I'm thinking of flying down Tuesday or Thursday, so I'll still have a full week and a half to drive it around. I'll likely put a few thousand miles on it during my vacation.

I'll post some pictures soon.
Sounds awesome! Congrats, can't wait to see pics.
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