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Well well well, never expected the aforementioned comments. It wasn't just about a clever setup nor what it just about chrome. if you thought that then you didn't really look at the car or know what you were looking at. Car shows are about original and or modified cars presented in the most clean, polished, finished form as possible, especially in light of the miles traveled. in other words, those that are not trailer queens and look better then they did off the showroom floor should be first. that car had 29,000 miles on it and did not have a spec of dust or dirt undercarriage, topside, suspension, inside, engine, wheel wells, tires ect. Equally as important, the car was FINISHED with a capital F from top to bottom. Just a few of the hundreds of touches included: Most of the nuts, bolts and screw visible to the human eye in the door jams and engine compartment was capped in aluminum billet chrome plated caps and door latches, trunk latches switches the same. the undercarriage of the car was pristine from front to rear with high gloss clear coated rally yellow paint and striping on the underside to match the exterior. It takes 15 hours of labour to clean just the undercarriage of this car properly for a show like this.The exhaust system was completely painted and both stock mufflers professionally airbrushed to advertise the Chevrolet and SS model that it was. The engine compartment, interior quarter panels, tower struts and inside hood, was completely repainted with high gloss clear coated rally yellow, the valve covers were powder coated rally yellow and stock OEM exhaust manifolds were silver ceramic coated. In addition, there was an enormous amount of labour in the custom painted engine cover, intake ductwork, hinges, ect and a professionally airbrushed hood pad. The car had custom painted striping and airbrushing on the exterior hood, front diffuser spoilers, rear diffuser, doors and undercarriage. The cars mirrors were customized as well as its door handles and satellite antennas and side marker lights with one of a kind lighting which was all functional for normal driving, ie turn signals, hazards, ect. The car had custom grills including rally yellow mesh with yellow functional lighting under the same and functional white LEDS in the mail slot that were functional driving lights as well. The list of what had been done to this car went on for over three pages. it has won over 42 trophies including first place for two years at world of wheels conventions and second place one year at world of wheels convention in it's class and over 20 first place trophies in 1000 point system shows.
The TIME and LABOUR involved to put that together and to maintain it is beyond what you could ever imagine.

THANK you to the judges for recognizing quality when they saw it.

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