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I have only been on here for a few months and have seen more complaints against AAC thank any other vendor. Mirrors, markers...hell most everything they sell.

Everything on my truck (15k) came from on site vendors on a sister forum and I've never had experiences like those I've seen on here.

On c5 I see more and more of this going on. It's a shame because it hurts the reputable vendors on here. Honestly I'm scared to order from most now.

Customer service is EVERYTHING in business. The one I own would surely fail if I conducted business like these guys. I ate 8k one time to please a customer. Over the last four years they've spent over 20k with me. He can attest to the sole reason being customer service.

I'm a small timer; you'd think they'd KNOW better.
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I wonder if this could be why my car idles like its retarded...
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