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AAC shipped them with the glue holding the bulb in and the silicone job. Supposedly to keep the moisture out. Retaining "clips" were supposed to hold the bulb in. NO retaining clip was found on the right headlamp and the left still has the silicone on it. I assume if I take the silicone off the left one, it's probably a glued in bulb with no retaining clip as well.

Now the interesting thing is, per some of the posters of this thread, there should not be clips on these at all. IF they are true Morimoto D2S projectors as AAC advertised. From what I have researched, my headlamps were NOT retrofitted with Mirimoto projectors.

From AAC's Retrofit thread


That is RIGHT! We are NOW offering Retrofit Services for Camaro5 Forum Members.

You can now have fully-functional Bi-Xenon Projector Headlights on your non-RS Chevy Camaro with our retrofitting service.

Here is how it works:
1) Ship your factory headlights to Advanced Automotive Concepts.
2) We ship you back retrofitted Xenon Headlights ready to install!


What do you get for $489?

1) Morimoto D2S true Bi-Xenon HID Projectors:

2) "Gating Gun" Style Projector Bezels:

3) ORACLE D2S Xenon Conversion Kit:


So at this time I'm waiting to see what AAC plans to do.

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I've been following this thread and I'm a little confused now. Did AAC ship them to you with the shoddy silicone job or did your installers do that? Forgive my ignorance here.

It's hard to imagine they would've let something that pathetic looking slip by if what I'm gathering is correct.

Good luck
Here you from Jonathan....stating they added the silicone then saying they don't modify the projectors. Hmmmm......a bunch of silicone added would be considered what?

===== On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 4:20 PM, <> wrote:

The reason that we use silicone on the back of the housings is to ensure that you do not get any moisture inside of your headlights; we do this with every Camaro retrofit that is installed here. If you are missing the retaining clips we can replace them here; I am not sure why they were missing though.

Unfortunately we are not able to modify the Morimoto projectors in any way because this is how they come from the factory. If you would like to contact the factory that manufacturers the projectors you may be able to get them to redesign a set projectors specifically for you.

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AAC shipped them with the glue holding the bulb.

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