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Originally Posted by sycraft View Post
Sorry I pushed a button, why the attack? I am just giving my opinion, I am very happy with my setup, it is very streetable and handles the autocross well. I just like their products at half the cost.... I did say GM's arm are great, I just chose to go with something else....

And by the way, I do have Pedders bushings in the rear LCA knuckle. And still considering the front upgraded bushings....
I did not mean to come off as abrupt as I did and apologize if I offended you.

What bothers me is that aftermarket parts are sold as though we are driving cars that are a decade old or older. There was a time that new cars were poorly engineered or certainly engineered far less well that those sold today and the cars NEEDED a lot of help to drive well.

The 5th Gen Camaro is a very well engineered automobile. The new Z/28 takes the 5th Gen to an entirely new level. I have a great deal of respect for Al and his TEAM. The ZL1 Ring time is outstanding. The 1LE tears up tracks. The COPO is awesome.

Can suspension parts be upgraded with aftermarket parts on a 5th Gen? The answer is a qualified yes. If the question is do you NEED to upgrade suspension parts on a 5th Gen to have a great Camaro the answer is unequivocally NO. The only reason to upgrade 5th Gen suspension parts is because you want to
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