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Originally Posted by 11flat View Post
What do you mean not just a shorter shifter handle? A shifter is made shorter by moving the point of rotation up, not by simply making the handle sit lower. Barton and Hurst have the shortest throws and their knobs are probably a little higher then the rest. MGW replaces the casting that houses the shifter handle but its still the same principle.
The guys who have the MGW will say MGW. The guys who have the Barton will say Barton. The guys who have Hurst will say Hurst etc...
I have installed them all and IMO Barton cannot be beat.
MGW is very close and it would be a matter of preference, but for $200 less Barton gets my vote.

i understand your point of moving the pivot being the same principle but there is MUCH more to making a short shifter besides just making the throw shorter,...

1. the internal springs in the tranny are not robust enough to make 2-3 shifts perfect. the MGW shifter housing has additional springs.

2. the rear mounting design of the stock shifter is mainly focused on eliminating NVH and as a result is WAYYY too spongy and allows the shifter and tranny to torque against each other during hard shifts.

just food for thought....

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