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Originally Posted by gmcarlisle View Post
Hi Everone,

I created an account on here just to keep everyone in the loop for the 2013 GM Nationals. SS4fun asked me to post some basic info on here. I'm glad to see so many supportive 5th Gen guys coming out for the show. I just thought I would give you a basic breakdown of the show for this year:

- We are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Turbo Buick program (1978-2013), so we should have a bunch of Grand Nationals, Turbo Ts, and maybe even a few GNXs

- We have Bobby Allison lined up to come in as a special guest for Saturday. He is doing autographs and pictures

- I am making a really big push for clubs this year, as we need club support to pull off a good show. Here are a few basic guidelines for clubs:

* Club registrations under a common club name (, Upstate C 5, etc) will put you in the running for a free tent. 25 cars or more = free tent to use for cooking, socializing, etc.
Be sure to agree on whatever club name you use, as we will count cars based on the club they register with.

* Clubs will be asked to park their cars in the approriate classes (this makes voting much easier), but they will have their tent placed as close to the cars as possible

* With you being 5th Gens, you will all be in the same area anyway, so there will be little seperation of your member cars

* We welcome any and every GM to the show, so don't be afraid to bring multiple cars

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post and I will check on here frequently to keep everyone in the loop. I look very forward to meeting everyone this year at the show!

Tyler Staley - Event Manager, Carlisle GM Nationals
Thanks....... Tyler!!
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