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You should understand how a dealer actually pays for a car. Chevy has a 3% holdback, meaning GM gives the dealer 3% of the MSRP for help with lot financing and other various expenses. They also get advertising allowances, volume discounts, model incentives etc. Even today, they want to sell you a car. An ordered car has the most profit in it. The dealer pays no floorplanning interest, spends no money promoting that vehicle, etc. It also counts toward volume discounts, etc. Buying at the end of the month/quarter may also provide leverage. I got my 2015 with an MSRP of $46,500 for 37k. I'd recommend researching any factory to dealer incentives and then negotiate price. I'd expect to get at least 1k off MSPR. Don't be afraid to walk, another dealer may need your sale to get the next highest volume rebate from GM.
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