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Originally Posted by Top Thrill View Post
It is a 3 hour drive for me. I know Northern VA traffic can be bad but I don,t think it took you that long. Did they give you any idea when you may get your car?
On Friday (06/05/09) I was told that if I placed my order within a week then I could expect the car to arrive late August or early September. That's at least the ballpark on it - I'm thinking September is more likely with the week off that the plant has for the Independence Day holiday.

Give Nicole Lee a call to inquire: 540-905-4083 x2091 or email

While I may be really early in the whole ordering process - I'm incredibly skeptical of car dealerships in general due to bad past experiences when living in Seattle. I've contacted six dealerships in a 100 mile radius and working with Nicole has been, hands down, the best experience thus far for me buying a car - ever.

If you do order, John Clampitt (540-905-4083 x5623 or will likely be placing the actual order. He was also very personable, upfront, and honest. They have a great sense of humor there as well. Personally I'd say it's worth the three hour drive.

Just mention that Mike from Fairfax recommended both of them =)
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3800: 10/01/09 (order produced)
4000: 10/01/09 (available to ship)
4200: 10/02/09 (shipped)
5000: 10/15/09 (delivered to dealership)
6000: 10/15/09 (delivered to customer)
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