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PLEASE HELP!!! Remove Calipers for Powder Coating

I'm wanting to remove the calipers for powdercoating.
Question 1. Does the entire brake fluid need to be drained to remove calipers or can you quickly remove the hose and clamp it off so as not loose all the brake fluid?
.2 Do you just remove the star bolts on the back of the caliper and spread the calipers apart and them to reinstall use a c clamp to press the cylinder back in?
3.How in the hell do you get those 18 mm bolts off of the back of the caliper. Ive tried everything. Is there something you can recommend
4. What parts of the caliper need to come apart if I ever do get these damn things off

The car is on blocks now with the tires off so I wanted to remove them asap so i can get them to the painters any help would be greatly appreciated

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