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Originally Posted by kmdrum79 View Post
I must say that I broke down and ended up buying a 2009 Mercedes C350 Sport. I must say that it has excellent fit and finish and before I get flamed, my decision came down to if I wanted to pay 35K-40K for the Camaro SS with good/ok fit and finish (sorry can't get past my POS G6 GTP I traded in) or pay a few grand more for a luxury vehicle that felt like it was worth the money. I love the Camaro and hope that it rules the sport car market but I was afraid that I'd nick pick every little thing that was wrong with it instead of enjoying it for what it was. Just wanted to put the pricing in perspective.
hmmm, what does Consumer Reports say about the C300 series I wonder, "The C300's interior panels fit together well, and the overall feel is solid. However, some plastics look a bit cheap, and the interior lacks some of the fine detailing of more-expensive Mercedes-Benz models."
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