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Originally Posted by EarlyApex View Post
I installed a catch can at about 700 miles and saw a lot of oil accumulating, like a cans worth in 1200 miles. It also seemed like I was using too much oil for a new car, 1 quart in 1200 miles. I removed the catch can before seeing the dealer as I did not want them to try to use the catch can as an excuse for the excessive oil consumption. They changed the oil and filter and will monitor the level several times during the next 3000 miles. My question is could this have been related? So far, at about 700 miles I have not seen any drop on the dip stick so it's not clear if I have a problem or not. I am tempted to re-install the catch can to see if I still get a lot oil collecting or just a trace.
No, as long as the catch can was properly installed they are not related. The catch can does not pull oil out of circulation. It only collects oil that would is blown by the piston rings and lost anyway. That oil does not/can not make it's way back into circulation. It ends up coating your intake tract.
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