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Originally Posted by mpiersd View Post
While I really like the essence of the protection this Act/Law is supposed to provide, I found out first hand it is esentially left to "dealer interpretation" of what they will and will not cover under warranty on a modified vehicle.
I had a 1998 Chevrolet that had nothing more than a K&N drop in air filter and a magnaflow muffler. Not a cat back or axle back, JUST the muffler.
I was cruising up I-35 from Austin back to Killeen one afternoon and the power just nosed over, started bucking and shuddering at anything over VERY light throttle and was idling roughly.
Got it home, took it to the local Chevy dealer and they told me it was the fuel pump and it had been caused by the added fuel demands of the modified intake and exhaust feeding more air into the engine. SERIOUSLY, I wanted to rip the Service Managers throat out.
I went round and round with the dealer and GM customer Service over the next month and got no where.
I got the funds and parts together to start swapping parts until i found the issue and discovered two things. First, the dealer was full of crap and hadn't even touched my car while they had it. The fault had NOTHING to do with the fuel system.
Ended up being the coil tower had gone bad and had shorted across two of the cylinders, essentially killing off spark to both AND shorting out the coil that fed both cylinders.
Also, with fuel still dumping into 2 cylinders and not being combusted, it dumped into the exhasut where it was burned off by the other cylinders and and melted the entire core of the catalytic converter.
$100 cat con, $45 coil tower, $28 coil later and I was back on the road.
All because the dealer didn't want to honor the warranty that was remaining on the car because I had added a better air filter and a louder muffler.

This was also the same dealer that tried to tell me the shudder under normal braking from warped rotors was just "normal cycling of the ABS pump". I took the Service Manager for a ride so he could feel what i was talking about and I proved him worng when I told him there was no possible way it could be the ABS pump because i had pulled the fuse for it prior to the test ride.

-rant over-
This is one of those times when you have to decide if it is worth fighting over of just finding another dealership that treats their customers fairly. But the law is the law and you do have recourse.
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