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So I've heard a lot about plasti-dip. And of course to better take advantage of my mod fever, it comes in white
Needless to say I bought two cans and went at it this weekend. I should have waited until the next day instead of racing the sun, but I painted my passenger side fender as you can see below (sorry for the blurry pictures, I definitely did not beat the sun lol).

First off, plasti-dip does peel right off the car. Even overspray. Of course that takes a little more work to get off, but a little elbow grease and I cleaned it up fine. My suggestion to any looking to try this out, is to remember that YES, you do have to peel off the tape ASAP when you finish your last coat. If you don't, it will pull it right up. Also, try to start small. My stripe going down the side looked cool, but it also made me rush since I didn't want the paint to dry to the tape.
I did white because of my color scheme, but if you try it too on a dark car just remember it will take several passes to completely cover the car's color.

Impressions? I love this stuff. I'm one of those modders that ALWAYS screws up. Even the basic stuff. So, the ability to peel off the mess I made and try it again is a life-saver. I think in the end what I'll do is probably spray a few more times and make a final decision, and then when I have the funds get it painted on the right way

Happy modding!
By the way, plasti-dip in black is about $5.85 in FL at Home Depot and Lowe's. I had to order white online through Summit Racing for about $8 a can. Cheap and fun

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