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Originally Posted by trainman View Post
I considered both(actually 4 cars) cars before making my final choice. Roll back the clock to a few months before the ZL1 was released, I was looking to sell my 2006 GTO (6M) and was considering an SRT Challenger with the 6.4 Hemi and 6-speed manual (manual only for me, so I won't have to repeat that for the rest of this posting) and the ZL1. I wanted to drive both because of the rumor of a 570 hp supercharged Challenger in the near future...I always plan ahead. I test drove a new Challenger with the 470HP Hemi and was disappointed when I tried to power shift, even with the TC off, there was a torque management program that killed timing between shifts, and no way to tune the 6.4 (at that time). Eliminate the Challenger. Next I drove a 2010 SS (no ZL1 was available yet), but the interior was so ugly (for my tastes, sorry), mainly the dash board, that I could not consider the ZL1 for me. I happen to stop at the Cadillac dealership down the street and saw a CTS V Coupe, and fell in love with the interior and overall looks of the car (probably not for everyone), but since it was an automatic I did not drive it. After some long searching I found a used 6-speed CTS V to test drive ( I had never driven a supercharged manual car before) and I had a couple of friends who had GT500's. They did not power shift because they said you loose boost (in the Shelby) as soon as you push in the clutch. The CTS V has a "no lift shift" feature in the program.....well I was to find a good deal on a new CTS V Coupe. But wait , there's more. Before I can find the best deal on a CTS V....Ford announces a 662 hp GT500...Wow. Back to square 1, so I wait. I won't buy until I can test drive one for myself. My needs are simple, 99% street driving, NO road courses for me, Test and Tune 1/4 mile racing once or twice a month at the local Drag Strip...I love acceleration. Several months pass and I finally get a ride in a 2013 GT500, the owner won't let me drive, but gives me a ride, I will be honest it was not that impressive, he got on it hard, but did not power shift or break traction (we went from about 40-100), but my SRT-10 Ram felt quicker (stock engine, but lightweight tricks, headers and tuning, runs 11.60's @118)....I expected a lot more with 662 hp. So I was back to finding a CTS V (love the interior). Then Evolution Performance releases a video of their GT500 with most of the changes I would do if I bought the GT500 (4.10 gears, lower pulley, headers, catless X-pipe, CobraJet TB, CAI, tune, slicks......and does 9.95 @ 142) incredible....OH the sound of that car! So now I'm back to considering the GT500. I wanted a Base model and recaro seats, stripe delete in Impact Blue, as the SVT Package and the Track Package only add expense and weight to a car that I will only drag race occasionally. Plus the Torsen rear end is NOT ideal for drag racing. I still needed to drive a GT500 before my final decision. Finally found a used one the owner would let me drive, I liked the way it drove, almost lost it when I powered into 2nd gear with the TC on, fishtailed all over the road, but still lots of fun. In the end it came down to what I really needed, I have to pick up the grandkids a few times each week, the CTS V has a better back seat, a better ride, and the best interior. I have the SRT-10 Ram I race, a 2000 Firehawk that LME in Houston is finishing a 433" LS motor for, so I didn't need a 3rd race car. I found a new 2012 CTSV Coupe at orange Coast Cadillac (crystal red, recaro seats, suede pkg, wood trim, moonroof,) with an MSRP of $71,605, and I got a great deal @ $58,500 (probably because of the 6-speed). I'm very happy with my purchase....and just to make things sweeter....last Friday test and tune at Famoso Raceway.....I raced a 2014 Shelby GT500, both cars on street tires, he was pure stock, I have a tune and CAI. The weather was HOT, 98 degrees at 10pm and 3500' DA, so the times were not great ( GT500 12.69@116.53, CTSV 12.63@116.23)....but my .002 reaction time gave me the win by 3 car lengths. Here's the video shot by my fiend who owns a 2011 GT500.
Have you seen the ZL1 camaro interior? and also did you look at the Challenger interior?
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