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Forget that crap, write to whom ever you can. When the transmission in our Tahoe went out I called and emailed whoever I could so that I would not be stuck with a $1500.00 repair bill. The Tahoe was only 3 years old with only so many miles on it. I think I still might have the email if I could find it. Anyways they dropped the charge for the repair work and all we had to do was pay for the transmission. It was a 4l80 E and if anyone else has a Yukon or Tahoe you know how bad these transmissions can be. Heard later that the dealer that got us the new trans had more Tahoes and Yukons pulling in for work.

Alot of people might have the same problem later on with that V6. Why should you get stuck with a used motor? GM needs to back their S%# up!

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