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Originally Posted by dvnt88 View Post
Didn't know about the Dyno Day and would have liked to attended to meet fellow 5th gen / Camaro owners. What's the name your shop? Will definitely have to drop by to say "Hi" and to see your new Rally Yellow 2SS/RS. ") If you have an email list, please put me on it ( ")
The dyno day was part of the 3rd Gen Cascade Crew's annual event/get-together. They've been coming to the shop for many years.

The shop website is at (it just gives some basic info, nothing fancy).

Once our 5th gen is here, it'll be Steve's daily driver. I'll let everyone know when people can come check out the car. We intend to share it with anyone interested. Steve has a few mods planned for it.

We don't really have an email list, but I'm always available on the forum. You can find "Steve da Wrench" over on if you want to contact him. I'm also there as HTWLSS.

Of course, once we get the 5th Gen, we'll always be up for a road tour if people want to get together.
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