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Originally Posted by sheslc4 View Post
I will wait a day or two if you are working on it, but if this mod didn't do it, then who did? I am a bit steamed that the other guy continues to post and rarely positive in his comments on anything.
Yes, we're still working on it. It takes time cause we have to wait for people to get PM's from us and then respond.

BTW....congrats on finishing your finals!!!
Thanks, the one for my accounting class was a booger-bear. I've been dreading it for a couple of weeks. It took two hours and when they said time was up I still had one problem that I hadn't completed. Oh, well.

Slick1, thank you so much for lightening the mood. I love your stories. I'm not quite sure why you keep an iron in your desk drawer... unless it's to have something heavy to throw at employees... but I'm sooo glad you do so that you can come up with good stories to tell your Camaro comrades. I just hope you don't burn the building down. (I did notice the lights in all of Salt Lake County dim about the time you plugged that thing in.) Please, do us a favor... try not to destroy Vegas when you are there for the hockey tourney. That would be a shame.
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