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Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post
I don't disagree with the fact that we are responsible for putting in power the ********* heads that chose to bail out GM. But after those ************ heads are out of office next term, GM is still on the hook to make the gov held stocks profitable.

WE the PEOPLE will never see a dime of that money. It will never return to us as a tax break or incentive of any kind.
We won't see it in the form of actual payment, but that doesn't mean we won't see it. If GM succeeds, invests in the US, and the economy benefits as it logically would that can, IMO, consitute repayment...which is why I said what I did earlier. And realistically, it is the only real repayment that we are ever going to get.

Originally Posted by GTAHVIT
But to think that GM owes us buy giving away product is putting the cart before the horse... they must be profitable, that is the best way for them to repay our government's investment in them.
More than that, it is silly and, to be blunt, foolish.

Originally Posted by GTAHVIT
if it had been up to the people GM would not have been bailed out. The polls showed that pretty clearly.
I'm aware of that, but that makes those representatives no less responsible to the electorate.

Originally Posted by GTAHVIT
The lobbyists for the auto industry and the unions convinced our elected officials to bail out GM Dodge, and yes even Ford. If anyone owes us it is the lobbyists who convinced our elected officials to do something against the peoples wishes.
I disagree. Who convinced the government to give GM our money is not the issue, that our money was given to GM is the issue. Again, I think my expectations are more than reasonable and fair, particularly to GM. I'm not asking for free cars, just that the sound business decisions, and investment in America, that wasn't made in the decades leading up to the bailout are made this time.
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