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Originally Posted by 'StangBlaster5000 View Post
I mean really, how could a company screw up so badly in the first place, to have to ask for a bailout from their government. At least the stock market could say America depended on its success, but what was GM's excuse?
Uhhhhh.....we were greedy? And didn't plan ahead.....and made terrible business choices.....over and over and over.
You can't blame GM for everything that happened.

Sure, a lot had to do with crappy products in the 80s/90s, stupid decisions, slow progress, dumb***es in management, etc.

But you also had an unfair playing field with foreign companies, a union that continually asked for more than they should have, among other things.

A good read is "Car Guys vs Bean Counters" by Bob Lutz, the former VP of Global Product Development at GM (who I believe is still with the company in an advisory role). Pretty much outlined everything that went wrong.

Interestingly enough, GM had actually started to get its ducks in a row by 2009...the Camaro, Equinox, Terrain, SRX, LaCrosse, Cruze, Sonic, 2013 Malibu, Verano...all were already in development before June 2009.

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