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Thumbs up easy ANSWER to 2013 GT500 dilemma!

For all those crying about the 650 HP on the 2013 GT500 just go to a tuner like the boys at Lingenfelter to solve your problem and match the new Ford. For less than $5k and only 4 days worth of downtime you too can have 650 HP on your ZL1 (even with launch control it may still post same 0-60 times due to traction issues) the 1/4 mile will surely be improved. If you want I hear they even have 1,000 HP package so you too can have more power than the upcoming 2016 GT500

Seriously though, I read a review of the lingenfelter cts-v and that thing was a beast. I may do this upgrade as a Christmas present to myself next year once more data is posted on their site.
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