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Originally Posted by Rock36 View Post
Okay this is off topic but....

What exactly is a Lid? Someone told me it was just a CAI for the F-bodies, but I see that you also have a CAI listed.

Those times were both on street tires right? I think I asked that before, but I can't remember.
CAI is a cold air intake that can come in on one of two places (normally). The first is through the OEM SS hood. It pushes the cold air into the SLP lid under the front lip of the lid. There's a small slit under the front about 3/4 of an inch in height and is the length of the lid.

Then, the other method for cold air intake is to add a CAI under the air filter in front of the radiator. You cut holes under your air filter in the black plastic. If anyone is interested in this, I can find the mod write up on it and post it.

The SLP lid is simply a lid that covers the air filter. The stock air intake is huge and has two air resivoirs that don't allow for a quick, fluid, air flow. The stock peice also has multiple plastic ridges inside the lid which further prevents free air flow. The SLP lid is smooth on its underside...and doens't have the resivoirs.

Here's the pix I just took. Yes, it's dirty as all heck under the hood. It's getting cleaned ASAP for the car show. But, for can see the SLP lid (has big SLP letters on top) which directs airflow into the Mass Air Flow sensor, through the smooth bellows, and on into the engine, etc...
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